“So this is how the end looks…” judge David Haxleyfak searched and searched for more meaning…

Description of the scene:

Middle age man standing in small washroom. Rest room is attached to his office. It is definitely some law office or maybe back room of the court room.

First we can see camera walking through the room that is neat but slightly in mess. It is well organized place however, not cleaned properly for long time.

We can investigate – tons of books, desk and little low level coffee table in the front of leather sofa standing in the left corner of the office (looking from behind of the desk). Sofa is obviously old fashion and time made many wounds in overused upholstery.  Anyway all furniture’s are cowered with thick blanket of dust.

Finally we see entrance to the washroom with a man dress like a judge standing inside and leaning with both hands on the countertop spread on opposite sides of the sink. He is slightly bend over and looking deeply in a reflection of his face in the mirror.

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