The Taste Of Enlightenment

You can’t explain or understand what the weather on Mars looks like. You were never there.

Honestly you are not even sure if there is any weather there.

You can only say about the weather on Mars
by telling what you know about the weather on Earth. 

Imagine that you were born in a big house. You know the inside of the house well. You visited all the rooms. You arranged all the furniture inside the way you like it. You hung the pictures on the walls as you wanted. You painted the walls with colors you dreamt  about…And stuff like that. You made your house look inside the way you would like it to be. And if you don’t like it you can rearrange things in your place to make it the way you desire. You have some control over it. Let’s say you can always do in your house as you wish. It is your house. It is YOU. You made it. Because you have the ability to do it you feel free. You would feel violated if this was taken from you.

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